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The 7 Habits of Leaders Fail


The main characteristics in view of the character and nature of a good leader and should be a role model is not only able to do business, but also to approach persuasive to his subordinates. In his book, John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, speaker, and writer says,'' Sense of satisfaction with yourself is the most dreaded things that should have been for a leader. "Leadership style reflects a person's true character, because the character determines whether a relationship with subordinates can last a long time or not. Characters that will be discussed in this article is the kind of character who would not hesitate to lay off employees if it is not in line with it.

A leader should have a vision and mission as well as instill confidence in the values ​​of its employees. While the arrogant leaders are leaders who often gives two options to employees when he is making a new policy. They are always faced with a choice: Join or out.
Problems that may arise from this approach, namely the destruction of working relationships. Basically, not all opinions are raised by a leader should be approved and implemented by employees. In fact, by eliminating all the debates and differences in perspective view, a leader sometimes acts as destructive factors that hinder employee in getting a chance to fix and repair the problem. Such leaders usually membungkan and cover a problem before it came to the surface, and it was very influential on the outbreak of an organization or company. Jill Barad of Mattel company a senior lieutenant to get rid of, because they have different views with which he ran. Schmitt creating a scary atmosphere at Rubbermaid for dismissal like this even get the support of the CEO . Many of them left the company as soon as they join. In the end, the CEO has all the people behind them, but they run to destruction, and no one warned them.

The 7 Habits of Leaders Fail 4.5 5 littleBrother # Leaders easily dismiss those who do not share the same views with them.   The main characteristics in view of the character and nature...

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