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If your employees acting


We are always surrounded by different types of human personality types in every aspect of life, not least in the workplace. Certainly, in the course of your career in leading a team working in a company, is likely to encounter the types of workers that a variety of characters.Some co-workers may be cooperative and responsive while others become recalcitrant colleagues.

What if that person is your subordinate that every day you have to deal directly with him. Set course different people organize themselves and work piling up. Each person has their own character. All types of people can not even 100 percent in accordance with your will and desire, is not it?
Every day you are forced to deal with a subordinate who complained to his duty, many criticize without giving a solution. As an employer, you are required not only professionals completing tasks that become a liability in office. However, you also have to have the integrity of the soul of a good leader and reliable in managing a team in your division. Here are some ways to overcome the stubborn subordinates:
  1. Be empathetic.
    Put yourself as if you were in his position. What is the main reason your subordinates behave this way? Gather as much information as possible in order to analyze the actual problem.
  2. Be objective.
    Assess your people from all the corners. We all have shortcomings either you or your subordinate, subordinate only do because you make a mistake then you do not deserve them assess their current position. Focus on things bigger than a small thing.
  3. Talk about good - good.
    If one of your staff start stubborn and lazy to come to the office, a lot of permits, often absent from duty, this is a yellow light for you.Encourage He sat down together to discuss this issue. Tell him that this is not a personal issue you and him, but the company has become a problem. Especially when he could not meet the targets given by the company to him.
  4. There is always a second chance.
    Calm yourself, do not be too quick to make a decision your subordinates. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? And, there is no perfect employee, including the performance of your subordinates. It could be he was in a state not motivated. Or, have felt bored with the routine of it-it's just not challenging anymore and felt for her. There is also the possibility of workers being lazy because they know, no matter how great he is doing a task given by the company, there would be no promotion of a better career for him in the future. This makes lazy and acting. So, try to give a decent chance of getting promotion in his career.
Remember! said to be a great leader when he can inspire and change people following approaches.

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